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Indian Pron Hd

Indian Pron Hd
This sex story is of her first fuck and is very true. She gave me a surprise gift to her girlfriend on her birthday. This matter is of November 15 last year. My relationship with my girlfriend has been there for two years, but our fuck schedule was made now. On 12.01 on his birthday night, I messaged him and went to sleep wishing him a happy birthday. Waking up the next morning I wished her again and asked to meet her. She agreed and started asking – where will you meet? I gave him a hotel address. I had already told the hotelier that in a room, decorated with balloons and kept choco cake. The hotel staff carried out this task as I said. Decorated the room with light electronic light. I had already reached there. When my girlfriend came and called me there, I asked her to wait a minute.

From the hotel room door to the table on which the cake was placed and the table was decorated with flowers. I went there and lit candles. Then I went down and stopped him by bringing him out of the room. When he looked at me, I blindfolded him. After tying the bandage, I grabbed her hand and said- Now let’s go honey. She said – what is this honey! I said, come on man… there is some surprise for you. She was very happy to hear the word Surprise. But even then he said – I did not refuse you! I laughed – yes, I know everything. My girlfriend told me not to spend any money on my birthday. But I like to see her happy. So I ignored all this and made all these arrangements. I took him in with love. The lights in the room were off, just a few small LED lights were lit and the room was illuminated by the light of candles. When she came blindfolded, she was surprised to see all this.

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She remained shocked for two minutes and kept thinking. Then he hugged me and said ‘I love you dear ..’ I also kissed her with a full arm and said ‘I love you to my life’. After this we both cut the cake together. He took the piece of cake and extended it towards my mouth. I stuck the piece of cake between my lips and kept it half out and took the piece of cake that came out in my arms and extended it towards her lips. He ate that piece of cake and joined our lips. We both took a long smooch and strengthened our love even more.

Two minutes after this, he stared into my eyes and looked at me with love and we both expressed our love while looking at each other in silent language. I also brought pizza coke and some snacks in the room. We both enjoyed talking and having fun. Then we both sat on the bed and started talking. She was in my arms. When I kissed her on the cheek, she went shy. Slowly I started kissing her lips. He started having some fun. She hugged my chest. My hands were slowly moving on his back. When I started kissing on her neck, she started getting a bit hot. Now I started kissing him very fast on his cheeks. She also started having fun with me. Today, I too started feeling happy after seeing his fun. Till date, both of us had never kissed in a closed room alone by talking on the bed like this. Today was also an opportunity and it was also because it was his birthday. She was in a mood to express her happiness with a more open mind. I covered her in my arms and started kissing her wildly; My hands crawled on her body and started giving her fun.

At the same time I untied her hair. She laughed and started kissing me on the chest. Her blue floral kurti looked very cool, but at the moment it was a bottleneck for me. When I started taking him off, he didn’t say anything. Rather he himself let me off my kurti by supporting me. From this I understood that today my Chammak Challo has created the mood to spend his youth. I too made up my mind to enjoy his youth without delay. Sarika’s kurti descended, so my cool body of my heart was tempting me. She was looking really big sex. Her 36-inch mummies were wrapped in a black net forged expensive brand bra. I could not stop looking at these drunk Acwati… I broke on her Acwi like a hungry animal. The next moment I put her on the bed and climbed on her own.

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She too was drunk taking me over herself. I started kissing him wildly. On her juicy lips, on the mummies, on the shoulders, I kissed her and kissed myself with the wine. I started rubbing her mums on top of the bra. She herself was getting intoxicated and my body was tight in her body. Ten minutes later, the red lust of lust was floating in the eyes of both of us, we both wanted to get lost in each other. He opened the buttons of my shirt with lustful eyes. I also opened her bra. His feet were completely free from bouncing.
Ah really my lover’s milk was white and soft with butter.

I started pricking one of her mamma with my lips. He filled the intoxicating liquor, so I started sucking this milk in his mouth. She started getting more intoxicated. He pressed my head on his milk and started giving me his milk while admiring him. I sucked her nipple for a while. So he whispered in my ear- sweetheart, the other one is also waiting. I looked into his eyes and quickly filled his other tit in my mouth. With the sigh of ah, my sweetheart started sucking me my second milk. After some time he asked me to open my vest. I quickly took off my vest and threw it away. Then I turned him upside down and started licking him from behind, and started kissing him on his back. She was quite hot. After some time I straightened him and pulled his laggy. Her leggy was completely sticking on her thighs. I noted that Laggy had drenched something near her pussy.
I looked at him and eyed him. So she went shy.

I pulled her laggy. At the bottom, she was wearing a black mesh panty, so that the juice of her pussy was soaked up by leaking her pussy juice. I became a bit obsessed by seeing her tight panties. Uff… In this little panty stuck between her white thighs, her pussy was completely puffy and was crying. I stuck my fingers in the elastic of her panties and pulled it too. So my own life lifted its legs in the air. I removed the panties very comfortably. Ah… I got mad after seeing her blonde pink pussy crying in front of me.
Her smooth pussy was absolutely sticky… the drops of Precum were shimmering like pearls. Her entire body was waxed, which was making her even more intoxicated.

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I kissed her lips again and for a few minutes we both sucked each other’s tongues and provoked our lust more. Then I came down slowly while kissing him. As soon as I put my tongue on her pussy, she bounced right away. His legs joined each other and created a barrier for my tongue. But where was I going to believe… I forcibly separated Sarika’s legs and slowly started to tongue her pussy. She started pulling out the bed sheet with the fists of her hands and making sensual sounds of ‘Aaaaaaaaaaaa uhhf ..’. For some time, I kept turning my tongue over her pussy. It happened that she had left her legs open and now she started enjoying her ass while licking her ass.

At the same time, I poked my tongue and thrust it between the slices of her pussy. She was very agitated and her relaxation was completely tight. He grabbed my head and started rubbing my mouth while raising his ass up. I was able to understand something now that it just fell off. All the juice of his pussy came in my mouth. I went on sucking her pussy in fun. After a minute, her pussy was completely clean and I started looking at her like a crazy mad lover. He gestured to come up with hands and suck lips.

I came up and kissed him. After a few minutes she had become hot again. Now he was not going to do that. He said, dear, something is happening to me below. I felt that due to loss for the first time, she could not understand that her pussy needs cocks. But she knew everything and I realized it later. I opened my pants and underwear and removed my cock and showed it. She just kept looking at cocks. I put the cocks on her pussy and rubbed it in the stitches to make her cool. Then I made arrangements before breaking the seal of virgin pussy. First he turned his hand, then he looked at me with love.

Then I kissed her. He clenched my lips. This is what I myself wanted. Forgetting it in the lips and tongue juices, I slowly started putting my cock in her pussy. He had a slight pain. I tightened it with my lips and started pushing more cocks in. He asked me to stop for a minute with a hand gesture. But where was I going to stop. I pulled out a little cocks and rubbed again but the pussy was very tight. He asked to see his bag with a hand gesture. When I picked up his bag, he removed Vaseline from it. I understood that Laundia had come fully prepared for the opening. I thought I was smart… but Sarika herself came to Chodane. I put Vaseline on my cock and put some in her pussy. Now I put cocks inside her bur, so she started doing ‘Ssshhh … aaaahhh’. I slipped him and with a loud stroke, he put cocks in it.

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His eyes got watery and blood started coming out of his pussy as well. I stopped and kissed him for a long time; Her Titsise was stirred. When his pain ended, I started applying again. Now he started enjoying it. His tight pussy was very fun. I slowly jerked him off. She started taking cocks while doing ‘Ayaa Aya Aya Aaaah… uhuff…. Then I started hitting very fast shocks. Now she too was making hot sounds while enjoying sex. After some time I did her in doggy style and started sucking her pussy by putting cocks in her pussy. In this position, my cock was going up to the cervix inside her pussy. The entire room was occupied by the drunken voices of both of us. “Ooof… ah jaan is enjoying and speed up…”.’Hoon ah eh… take my life and bring me inside ah… Uff… After a while the position changed again. Now I lay down. She was sitting on top of me on cocks. She started bouncing the ass on top of the cocks and started going down fast. At this time, there was no pain in him. She was fucking her big mummies and ass while down.

After shaking her waist for a long time, now she was going to fall. When she hinted, I took her down and she collapsed. I took him and Choda again for some time, and gave him cocks in his mouth. She started sucking cocks. I was going to suffer a lot, so I asked him – the juice is about to come out. He removed the cocks and said – Take it out on me. So I spilled the semen on her mummies. We both went to the bathroom like this and cleaned ourselves and slept in the same bare room. He gave me a return birthday gift.


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